You don't
have to
live with
heavy periods.


There are a number of treatment options. Click here to find out more


Have the confidence to wear white again. If you experience heavy periods, we want you to know that you are not alone.

This is a common problem that affects 1 in 5 women aged 35-491 and there are ways of helping you to resolve this embarrassing, and often painful, problem.

Here you'll find answers to some commonly asked questions that will help you find a suitable treatment in consultation with your doctor.

Things you can't talk about on TV

It’s time to talk openly about the impact of heavy periods! Watch Shelly Horton and Dr Ginni Mansberg talk about heavy periods, the impact on women’s lives and treatment options.


Heavy periods (medically known as menorrhagia) can affect our everyday lives socially, emotionally and physically. As well as experiencing heavy blood loss, our periods can also be painful and make us tired, irritable, and even anaemic, not to mention the embarrassment that heavy bleeding can cause.1

Don't suffer in silence – you don't have to live with heavy periods.

Consultant Gynaecologist
Dr Alejandra Izurieta

Need more help or advice? Talk in confidence to our Consultant Gynaecologist about Heavy Menstrual Bleeding.

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